What do you have a knack for?
I’ve always been a reader, and as a doula, I’ve got a knack for reading. I can read a room, a person, the dynamic between people- and make things easier. Empathy and intuition with a healthy dash of humor really calms the whole room down.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?
When my clients have a decision to make, I help them find their own way. My clients are strong and smart and capable- after I work with them, they know it!

What are you most passionate and excited about in your work with expectant families?
I am passionate about women. I am excited about working with women as they give birth. Each time I witness the love and power each of us brings to the work of childbirth, it feeds my soul. Even working with the humble placenta is testimony to the power of our bodies! You have all the strength you need to birth your baby, don’t be afraid to let yourself do it!

Favorite resources for growing families?

Evidence Based Birth, KellyMom, Birth Without Fear blog and Instagram, Spinning Babies and The Miles Circuit, Mothering magazine, a good IBCLC, placenta capsules, and a sling. Hold your baby, it makes everything easier.

Favorite moment(s) at work?
The expression on someone’s face the first time they hear about placenta encapsulation.