What path brought you to this work?
One day I turned 15 and I knew I wanted to do some kind of work with women and babies. Fast forward 15 years and my capstone project in seminary was the direct catalyst to becoming a doula and childbirth educator. Six years later, I am seeing the words I wrote coming true.

What’s the one problem you are best at solving for your clients?
I’m best at helping clients to trust their inner wisdom. You know what’s best for you and your situation, but if you are unsure, I can help you to find your path.

What would be impossible for you to give up?
Sugar. I am a sugar addict. Anyone have cake?

Where can we find you when you’re not working? 
Home is where my heart is. Aside from the occasional road trip, I’d rather be in my kitchen cooking a new food or watching some horror or zombie film. Sundays are usually my day for relaxing where I can physically and mentally prepare for the week ahead. There’s nothing like a Netflix™ marathon to occupy your day.

Any awards or medals?
My Air Force Achievement Medal is by far my proudest accomplishment. It’s in my favorite color too. I can’t talk about it but it was pretty cool to receive it.

How do you want your clients to remember you?
I want to be remembered one of three ways: I made you think, I helped you feel, I gave you peace.

Anything else you’d like to tell people about yourself?
We don’t have to have the same experiences to be relatable. All we need is the will to be open to another human being.