Who are you the love child of?
Carol Burnett & Bob Mackie

How long have you been doing what you do?
Since 1994 when my first child had great difficulty breastfeeding and I learned what an IBCLC can do for new moms!

What most excites you about your work & the contribution you can make?
I love the smiles on a new Mom’s face when she first holds her newborn. The joy, tears, and fulfillment she feels. I love that I can help that new Mom transition into motherhood with confidence in her breastfeeding skills and relationship with her baby. Helping her partner to learn what they can do so support her in this new path they are taking.

Quick. Word association. What words describe you?
Creative, Clever, Loyal, Loving, Versitile

What draws you to working with expectant women and new families?
Pregnancy brings feelings and thoughts to a woman that only she experiences. Sometimes those feelings make her scared and nervous about birth, breastfeeding and being a good mother. With my experience and skills I can help women and families find their parenting path with confidence and pride. It is a gift I can offer that brings great joy to me and to my clients.

Favorite moment(s) at work?
Ironically, the tears Moms often shed when things are not going so well – because Mom is at her most vulnerable and honest. I get to help dry those tears when we fix the breastfeeding issues and she looks at me with stars of joy and gratitude in her eyes.

Favorite TV show or movie?
Friends, The Parent Trap, The Abyss, The Notebook

What would be impossible for you to give up?
My rings, books, music but mostly my children.

Who lives in your house?
My husband and 3 children, 1 turtle, 2 guinea pigs and bunch of fish and usually about ½ the neighborhood!

Name one thing in your MommaArts “bag of tricks” that you love to bring to a client.
Hands on support for successful breastfeeding and my listening skills. Listening to all of what Mom needs to say and talk about. Giving her the confidence that Mothering through breastfeeding is something she can do and will LOVE!