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Doula Mentorship

Doula Mentorship – Doulaing The Doula

So you want to doula … new doula, doula more, doula stronger, doula in community! We hear you.

We are often contacted by doulas. Some with experience, some just starting out, and some who don’t quite know yet if it’s the work for them (haven’t even taken a training yet).  You’re seeking advice and professional nurturing.  We’ve got that!!

We’ve been doing this work for over 16 years each. That’s over 30 years combined experience from Kim and Deirdre – professional, experienced doulas with multiple certifications and training, not to mention years of continuing education in all areas of perinatal support.

From our perspective, it is a natural progression to want to pay it forward. As birth workers we believe in the concept of #UnitedWeDoula and that we work better together than apart. Which is why sharing our wisdom and building strong doula communities is so important to us.

When we are all active in promoting and collaborating, either in person locally or on social media, we elevate the visibility of the entire profession. Don’t look at each other as competition. Look at each other as a wonderful network of birth workers to advance all our goals, dreams and aspirations. Each of us does this work differently, each with a unique touch, an individual doula magic. We’d like to help you find your doula magic.

We offer hourly consults (just book an hour and we’ll answer all your questions), 6 week sessions with popular topics, or full “on call” hand-holding through your first doula jobs, including over night on call assistance. 

Six Week Online Mentorship Series: These are done either via group sessions or individual. These hour long sessions are a great way to enrich and support your individual doula training certification program. We offer two different series with different topics. $300/6 wks of skype, phone or google hangout. Once you complete a session you will be invited to our private Facebook page where the networking and business expansion can continue.

Session One
• Wk 1 Build Your Doula Bag
• Wk 2 On Call Life, Scheduling, Boundaries
• Wk 3 Birth Story Share | Birth Processing
• Wk 4 Advantage of Adding Complimentary Care (lactation, CBE, massage)
• Wk 5 Expand Your Practice with Social Media, Marketing
• Wk 6 Working Solo, Collaborative, Agency

Session Two
• Wk 1 Finding Your Tribe, Reliable Backup
• Wk 2 Establishing Your Fee, Fee Structure
• Wk 3 Birth Story Share | Birth Processing
• Wk 4 Kill ‘Em With Kindness, Working With Other Birth Workers
• Wk 5 Postpartum Mom Body, Mind, Spirit
• Wk 6 Understanding Newborns & Breastfeeding

Individual/Hourly Birth Mentorship: Ok, so you already know your goals. Spending a little extra time with us will nurture your development as you learn to spread your wings as a doula. We look forward to helping you find your stride. Just want to pick up the phone or Facetime a single birth, have a sounding board, exchange of ideas, or maybe a new way of looking at or processing at something? This is what we do best. This relationship starts at $65/hour for daytime “normal hour” mentorship. $75/hour for night time “on call” with you during a labor or overnight postpartum visit.

Doulaing your first clients? You don’t have to go it alone. We go “on call” with you for the entire experience. Package structure starts at 20% of your doula fee and may include…
• half-hour of phone/skype meeting to help you manage your client prenatally and review your intake
• email exchange for questions along the way
• up to three text and/or voice conversations during the birth** (more available at hourly rate)
• a 1 hour postpartum phone/skype meeting to process the birth, ask questions, receive feedback.

Call us to curate an individual package to suit your doula needs.

MommaArts will send you a detailed receipt for professional development for tax purposes … and here’s our free tip for your business: get and keep receipts for *everything*!


“Social Media & Content Management”

Good at doula work, but not so great at marketing and social media? Well, we’re great at it! Pick an option, and we’ll do the rest. Both Deirdre and Kim have worked in online parenting and birth communities, and have built active and strong online presences for years. 
Deirdre, with a writing major from Columbia University, has worked as an online administrator, moderator and/or contributor for sites such as AOL MomsOnline, ABCFamily, DisneyFamily, UrbanBaby, TheBump, The LeakyBoob and as guest blogger and content contributor for many small businesses, Facebook pages, blogs and websites. And Kim, with a prior legal background, understands the complex subtleties of content management, photo sharing, copyright and freedom of information. 
We know the importance of engaging, exciting, regular content. No one sticks around for boring social media! And we know the subject – birth, breastfeeding, parenting and family!! Powerful combo. We get content up quick, create diversity and can tailor our work for you to be as participatory and visible -or- as “back of the house” and stealth as you like. Want us to engage with your clients and members? Great, we got this! Just want us to lay back and post daily content? No prob!
Initial Consult – 15 minute call to focus needs – $20
Set up of social media sites only (if you have none already). $75 just for set up.
Content management varies, depending on need. Posting around articles, images and simple interaction with other users: fee is $35/1 hr per day (contracted at 5 hour minimum, paid in advance). Total daily maintenance of your accounts including writing, being the “voice” of your account and same sharing as above: $50/ 1 hr per day (contracted at 5 hour minimum, paid in advance).
Guest blogging. Prices vary depending on subject, desired frequency of posting, length & word count. 

Online Consulting

Millennial Mom is unique. And busy! MommaArts is proud to offer specialized, and uniquely crafted support packages to meet the needs of “on the go” expanding families, even when time or budgets prevent us from meeting face to face.

With our online consulting via phone or video-chat we conveniently schedule time to connect around your schedule. We become your wise woman, your cheerleader, your number one coach and your ear to complain to. Whatever your goals, we help you achieve them.

Select among our choices and then contact us to discuss further how we may best customize a plan to meet your very special and unique needs.


A care plan for every trimester. Booked in 4 hours increments over the course of your pregnancy we connect you with one of our pregnancy experts to help you one your way. Our doulas provide the individual and personalized support you need to help ease you into pregnancy – from the moment you pee on a stick on up to first signs of labor. A uniquely tailored care package, customizable to meet your individual needs, we are there with you as you navigate pregnancy and all the expanding uniqueness that comes with it.

Childbirth Education

Fast paced fun to get the job done! A webinar to provide you with all the basics of labor and deliver, combined with ongoing consultation with our childbirth experts. Take as much time as you need by booking individual sessions which can be layered as your pregnancy progresses. We tailor your unique and personal birth plan through indepth discussion of goals and birth preferences. This is a creative and fun way to prepare for you birth scheduled around your busy life and in the comfort of your own home.

Postpartum & Newborn Specialist

A unique and customizable 12 hour package to meet the needs of your transition to motherhood. Scheduled in convenient blocks of time our doulas and newborn specialists help you navigate personal care, like what to expect from your postpartum body, healing, emotional and physical care, nurturing, partner expectations and nutrition to what your baby may be doing, and growing confident in meeting the needs of your wonderful newborn. However you feel you want to spend the 12 hours is fine with us. We’re here for you.

Breastfeeding Support

This special offering brings indivdual support for you breastfeeding needs. Use this 6 hour package over the course of several months if you need. This allows for first days and week coaching and support with first latch and issues unique to those first few weeks. Additionally you may want the time to touch base after a few months for pumping questions, returning to work, introduction to solids or any other transitional breastfeeding questions and concerns you may have.