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Birth Doula

Who We Are & Our Pledge To You

As doulas, we support you and your partner with unconditional kindness, respect and compassion. Our only goal is to help you give birth with respect and dignity, feeling informed and upheld throughout, with services uniquely crafted to meet your needs. We know that partners play an integral and critical role too, which we honor and empower by all of us together creating the perfect support team for mom.
We provide physical and emotional support, offer evidence-based information and help you advocate for yourself along the way. We foster good communication and cooperation with whomever is in the room on the day you give birth.
We are professionally trained and certified in labor support. Many of us are trained in other modalities or offer other skills, such as birth photography, to further enrich your experience. We will help you get the information you need to make the choices that feel right for you and your family throughout the childbearing year.
Our commitment is always to you. It is our honor and pleasure to be a part of this monumental time in your life. We take your trust seriously. We love what we do, truly.

Who We Serve

We’re New Yorkers and Jersey Girls. We serve the entire NY Metro area with love! From Maplewood, NJ to NYC to Nyack, NY – we work in all local hospitals, birth centers and assist at midwife-attended home births. Drug-free or not, first baby or fourth, high or low risk, VBAC or elective cesarean, homebirth or “get me an epidural pronto” … we support it all, and are comfortable with any choices that feel right to you. It’s your birth and we understand this above all else.

How It Works 

MommaArts offers doulas and packages based upon experience and geography. Call or email us to discuss the right doula experience and pricing to suit your budget. All our doulas are happy to meet for a complimentary phone consult, and then a face to face  “hello” meeting (if geographically convenient). After this initial meeting, if you hire a MommaArts doula, you can expect:

• One or two prenatal visits so we can get to know each other better. Though we offer separate childbirth education classes, prenatal visits are a great time to review breathing, positions and relaxation techniques and to create a birth plan.
• Our time with you prenatally is tailored to your needs…is there something here you don’t see, specific or unique concerns? Just ask.
• We are on-call for you from the time you hire us until you have your baby. This includes unlimited phone and email support for you throughout your pregnancy.
• We will provide informational, physical and emotional support throughout your labor and birth, offering help with relaxation, breathing techniques, assistance with laboring positions, techniques to help labor progress, physical support such as massage and counter pressure.
• We help you and your partner ask questions, feel heard and take an active role in your care.
• Following the birth we stay with you for an hour or two, to provide initial help with breastfeeding and make sure you are comfortably settled.
• When you are ready, a postpartum visit is scheduled. We come to you at home, discuss your birth, admire your baby, make sure breastfeeding is going well and are there for any questions or concerns you may have.

Pricing for our doulas ranges from $800 to $2500, depending on the doula’s experience, geography and availability. We pride ourselves on working with budgets at every level whenever possible. Reach out and let us find a great match for you.

Additional Hours and Visits: It’s often not easy, this pregnancy & parenting thing. MommaArts can help inspire your MommaMojo and build confidence. Maybe you’re on bedrest or have questions or concerns that need a little extra support…we can come to you. The transition of your doula care from perinatal to labor support to postpartum can be seamless. We’re happy to make it happen.

Back Up: All of our doulas are friends and colleagues, and step in for each other as back up. Back up is rarely needed. If you have concerns and feel you want to discuss further knowing who your back up might be, please call us so we can put your mind to ease about our commitment to you during your “due month”.

For births in NYC hospitals we add an additional $250 flat fee.

We appreciate the trust returning mommas place in us and gratefully offer them a $100 discount on our Basic and Whole doula packages. 

Women who report having bellies touched by strangers

No. of babies born spontaneously on due dates

Percent of pregnant women in the US at this very moment

Average number of mucus plug photos clients text us each month

Our Packages

“Anything But Basic Support”

We have doulas of every level of experience, from those who’ve been to hundreds of births to those just starting out. The fees are priced accordingly, depending on the experience level of the doula. For our new doulas you can be certain that they have completed a reputable doula training program and in addition to that training they are being mentored by both Deirdre and Kim to ensure the highest quality of doula care. Our seasoned doulas have years of experience and hundreds of births under their belts. We’ll find you a doula who is the perfect fit for your needs. A simple, free phone consult is a great jumping off point to dialog about your up coming birth. With all our experience talking birth and working in the NY/NJ metro area – you can be certain we’ll help you figure out pricing and a special package that exactly meets your unique needs. We want you to have the help and continuity of care you deserve. At the time of booking we would love to extend a discount and offer you a $50/hr phone consult with Deirdre, IBCLC in order to best prepare for breastfeeding and normal newborn feeding cues .

“The Whole Package”


This is a lush and yummy add-on to our Basic Package. You may select from one of these choices to add to your doula care.

A. Three hours of private instruction in your home. You select your focus (breastfeeding, newborn care, The Doula Way)
B. MommaBelly belly cast (unpainted)
C. Postpartum assistance arranging your birth photos into a lovely keepsake book
D. Breastfeeding phone consult with an IBCLC and three hours of postpartum care
E. 2 Hour Baby Naming or Blessingway Ceremony for you and five of your friends (prenatal or postpartum)

“The Minimalist”

All the good stuff of our Basic Package above, but with just one prenatal visit via skype, and no postpartum visit … we meet you at the hospital in active labor for labor support. This is a great offering for families “birthing again” who just want extra support during labor. We want you to have the help and continuity of care you deserve. At the time of booking we would love to extend a discount and offer you a $50/hr phone consult with Deirdre, IBCLC in order to best prepare for breastfeeding and normal newborn feeding cues .

“Phone A Friend – Virtual Doula”

Live remotely? Birthing again and want some minimal support? MommaArts can still help! Call us when you think you have gone into labor, and we will support you & your partner by phone/text/skype as needed, throughout your labor & birth. Great for repeat clients who may not want full doula assistance or clients who’ve moved away, but still love us! The perfect service to check in with a familiar and knowledgeable voice as labor progresses. $350 flat fee for full day support, additional $65/hour for midnight – 6am. Additionally, we want you to have the help and continuity of care you deserve. At the time of booking we would love to extend a discount and offer you a $50/hr phone consult with Deirdre, IBCLC in order to best prepare for breastfeeding and normal newborn feeding cues .

Postpartum Doula

When was the last time you had a shower?
Have you eaten today…something other than a Kind bar and leftover Chinese food?
Seen your toothbrush lately?

Believe it or not our goal is to work ourselves out of a job. We do this by helping you find your groove and build confidence. We know newborns, the sweet, cute little things they do, their normal tendencies and behaviors. We also know new moms and dads, and the feelings of elation, overwhelm, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. We want to help.

While there’s no “perfect time” for hiring a postpartum doula, we find that most people are comforted by guidance at the beginning. We do encourage you to spread out overnight hours so that you may always be a little bit tired…but functioning!

With us by your side you can count on cooler, calmer, and more confident beginnings, whether it’s your first baby or you’re learning how to juggle. Let us help you find your momma mojo…

Our Packages can include:

• Breastfeeding & Lactation expertise if desired
• Feeding support & understanding infant feeding cues, pumping 101, bottles and bottle feeding if desired, & ergonomic positioning and stretching to ease discomfort
• Normal newborn care & guidance
• Guidance with sibling and pet issues
• Support in daily activities – bathing, swaddling, diapering
• Teaching comfortable and safe nap and sleep dynamics
• Gentle touch and infant massage instruction
• Babywearing guidance
• Creating your newborn “nest” – tending to nursery needs
• Holding, watching, admiring baby while you get much needed sleep & shower
• Nourishing meal preparation & recipes to share, including creating a personal Pinterest folder with recipe suggestions for easy, healthy eating in the early days
• Light housework of newborn areas (baby laundry, dishes, changing stations)
• Flexible hours and overnight support available
• In both NY and NJ we have doulas who are LCSW and are available to help direct you to PPD experts in your area.

Our care will be unique to your family, of course…let’s work together to get you feeling rested and confident!

Diapers changed in First Year

Hours of sleep recovered w/good Postpartum care

Our Packages

Daytime packages require a minimum of 4-5* hour visits.
Night time packages require a minimum of 8-10* hour visits.

Choose a package that you anticipate will best suit your needs. Our listed package pricing is for our doulas who each have extensive background, training and/or certification in postpartum, newborn and lactation care. If available, co-owners Kim or Deirdre also do postpartum work for a slightly higher fee. Contact us to discuss further.

If you feel you need additional hours, or don’t see a package that suits your needs, call us for a free consult. We would be happy to create a specialized bundle of hours to meet your needs. We do have doulas who work with us in a lower tiered range, depending on availability, so please do email or call. We would love to help you find support within your budget.

*dependent upon the doula and geography

Postpartum Doula vs. Baby “Nurse”

Everyone wants to be well nurtured and cared for in their postpartum period. Finding the right person to do the job can be overwhelming. We believe strongly in there being the “perfect” doula for you. The simple answer as to the difference between the two professions is in the training, and how the individual professional views her/his job. Doulas are trained to nurture the “mother/baby dyad” – to preserve the invisible umbilical cord between infant and mother. In doing so, she cares for *both* mother and baby, with a strong training and commitment towards supporting the mother/baby unit as one, together. A baby “nurse” (please research, as most agencies are not actually staffed by RN. It is a misnomer) can be wonderful, and nurturing individuals, but their care and training is often focused on baby care in order to provide a break, separation or reprieve for mother/parents. Often it is less about mother/baby bonding and promoting maternal instincts, and more of an experienced nanny taking care of baby scenario. We welcome calls and questions to discuss further. 



“Coming Home – Single Day Initial Visit

This is a great, single day offering for families who feel they need a little bit of guidance launching off into new parenthood, but perhaps not a long postpartum doula commitment. An experienced doula and breastfeeding expert will come to you for an entire morning, afternoon or evening and she will spend 5 hours easing you into a place of confidence. The visit may consist of any/all of the following (time permitted): breastfeeding support (attended by IBCLC) with full lactation consult and scale for before/after weight checks, newborn care assistance, infant feeding cues, positions, bathing, diaper changes, sleep, swaddle, nap support,  Q&A with expertise. Usually scheduled for an “all morning” or “all afternoon”. This makes a wonderful gift to a new family, and is a great way to see if a longer postpartum doula package is right for you.
Fee: $350  ($450 with an IBCLC if available)

“Spread Your Wings”

12 hours scheduled over 2 or 3 visits of complete attentive care to help boost your confidence. This is the perfect way to get into a rhythm, hone your instincts and feel the power of “I got this” take hold.
Fee: $550

“Taking Flight”

20 hours of care broken up to meet your needs within the first four weeks postpartum.
Fee: $875

“Now You’re Flying”

30 hours of care broken up to meet your needs within the first four weeks postpartum.
Fee: $1250

“Soaring High”

40 hours total scheduled at your convenience over the course of 4 weeks. This package brings you into a strong new momma rhythm and routine, all while feeling completely pampered and supported as you spread your wings to fly as a new mother.
Fee: $1600

“Phone A Friend

Phone Consults – Did you know that a recent study in The Journal of Advanced Nursing stated that a 20 minute phone for a series of weeks was proven effective as a simple and accessible way to provide needed postpartum supported to new moms, and may lower the incidence of postpartum depression? We’ve got your back! For 8 weeks postpartum a MommaArt doula will call you once a week and chat with you for 20 – 30 minutes to check in, see how it’s going, answer questions you many have, provide resources and just be a friend.
Fee: $175

We have excellent resources and experience with twins and multiples. Just ask!

All our postpartum doulas are CPR trained and have varying degrees of lactation training.


Why do I need a lactation consultant?
Good question. In our busy 21st century life finding family and girlfriends to share their experience and support of breastfeeding with you can be a challenge. Even though breastfeeding is a natural act – for many women it does not always come easy. Problems may arise and having a skilled professional come to your home can make all the difference in getting off to a good start.

Why come to my home?
Because you just had a baby and the most comfortable place for both you and baby to be is in the familiar setting of your own home. Cozy, comfy, familiar! We use your chairs, couches, pillows and setting to make sure you are set up to nurse comfortably and successfully.

What does a visit entail?
At each visit you can expect about 1.5 – 2 hours of time together where we make sure that everything is optimally set up for your success. Our initial visit involves physical exam of both mother and baby as pertains to breastfeeding, discussion of milk supply and breastfeeding basics, review of pregnancy and birth history. We also check baby’s suckling ability, mouth structures, head and neck features, and move on to observe a feeding. Most of the time baby cooperates for this and latches on so we can work with improving and problem solving any difficulties you may be having. By the end of the visit we have laid out realistic goals and a plan for healing, improvement and success.

Can we do visits at our pediatrician?
Yes and no. Both Deirdre McLary and Lenora Mesibov continue to work part time at two local Rockland pediatric offices, Orangetown Peds and Dr. Zatz in Nyack. If you are patients of their offices you can schedule an appointment through their offices and all you would pay is a co-pay. Often women will do an initial visit in the privacy of your home and then do any necessary follow ups and weight checks at the doctor’s office, scheduled around your baby’s doctor visit.

What is an IBCLC exactly?
What sets an IBCLC credential above the rest is the experience and time spent with direct, hands on contact with breastfeeding mothers and babies in order to obtain the certification. It can take years to acrue the hours of one on one time necessary to meet the requirements to sit for the exam. This experience and long term practice allows IBCLC’s to both assess and work with the normal course of breastfeeding and those with significant breastfeeding challenges and pathology. This is what makes the IBCLC the gold standard in care and where most medical professionals turn to for collaborative breastfeeding support in their practices.

What is a CLC or other lactation consultant certifications?

The CLC and other certification programs are a wonderful resource of continuing and furthering education and skill building for any birth worker. Most certification programs have around a 45 hour program with exam at the end. They provide doulas and childbirth educators the tools necessary to help clients with their breastfeeding concerns. They are an excellent credential to round out the care a doula can give so that she may fully support and educate her client on the “rights and wrongs” of getting breastfeeding off to a good start.

What are some reasons to hire an IBCLC?

• An early visit to assure getting off to a good start, proper position and latch

• Inadequate weight gain, struggling to transfer milk from breast to baby, milk supply issues (low milk supply, over abundance)

• Latching difficulties, pain, cracked nipples, plugged ducts, engorgement, mastitis, thrush
• Breastfeeding a baby with medical issues
• Challenges with maintaining your milk supply, low milk supply, over supply
• Returning to work, using breast pumps and bottles
• Breastfeeding after breast surgery
• Breastfeeding multiples, tandem
• Any other breastfeeding challenge or concern

Does insurance pay?
We do not participate in any insurance plan. For a private home visit it is “fee for service” where we are paid up front, and you follow up with your insurance company re: coverage. Most insurance companies do reimburse for this service, so it is advised to call your insurance company ahead to discuss reimbursement. At the end of our visit we accept cash, check or PayPal. We provide you with a “super bill” to submit to your healthcare insurance company for reimbursement.


Initial IBCLC Consult in your home: $225
Follow up visits in your home (if necessary): $100
Discount if you come to me (Deirdre) in Nyack: $185

A block of 4-5 hours: Our “Coming Home – Single Day Initial Visit” (see postpartum tab too). Sometimes having an expert there for more than one feed, for an entire morning or afternoon, is all you need for a good confidence boost. We work through multiple feeds with support and learning throughout.  We use the scale for before/after weights, and include all basic newborn instruction. $450/morning or afternoon

Scale Visit: a follow up for just scale use, “before & after” weigh ins. Provides peace of mind to know what your baby is transferring. In home visit (w/in 30 minute drive): $100

Pumping 101 Consult: returning to work, or just wanting an occasional bottle? – This is a great way to have a solid Q&A session to plan out all your pumping needs, including milk storage, discuss pump options and making sure all equipment fits and is working.
Phone consult: $65
In home visit (w/in 30 minute drive): $100

Phone Consultations:
Phone consults are useful for discussing issues in more depth. We are very experienced in phone care, and take seriously your need for answers versus the difficulty as a new mom in finding time to research and get answers. Your time is valuable. We offer quick, evidenced based, supportive answers, help and resources. We work around your schedule to make it easy. Many moms find a phone consult provides an extra sense of relief and support. *We can’t stress enough though the importance of hands on support and visual assessments of latch and breastfeeding mechanics, and may recommend a phone consult is not for you based upon what you’re describing.*

• prenatal phone consult to discuss preparation and readiness
• follow up calls from an in person or home visit
• general Q&A, information
• pumping and returning to work
• milk supply issues
• introducing (and baby not taking) bottles
• tips to boost supply
• intro to solid foods
• weaning
• sleep associations and strategies (see our Sleep Support tab)


What if I don’t use the full hour:  We charge for the full hour and do not offer half hour bookings. Our experience is, after years of phone consults, that we more often than not go over … never under the time allotted. If the conversation really is over in just 30 minutes – you can keep the remaining 30 minutes for any future questions you may have. And let’s be honest – as a new breastfeeding mom, there are always questions.

(Add $40 for consults in NYC or beyond 30 minutes drive from Nyack.)

Classes & Events



 Need something? Yup, we’ve got a class for it! 

We like to think that with all our experience we can fulfill any education need you may have. Every one of our doulas and instructors is an expert in her field. Put us all together and we create magic – unique, exciting and new ways to get your confidence on, and grow your knowledge base during your childbearing years.

We are available to teach from the following birth traditions and methods: Lamaze, Birthing From Within, Bradley Method of Childbirth, Hypnobirthing, car seat installation, placenta encapsulation, nutrition, maternal health & counseling, lactation, newborn care, infant massage, Blessingway Ceremonies, photography, and much more.

Number of Childbirth Books on Amazon

Not Your Regular Old Childbirth Preparation


Holistic Childbirth Preparation

Busy lives shouldn’t keep you away from a good childbirth class! Lamaze and Birthing From Within come together for this dynamic class tailored to meet the needs of today’s modern expectant families. We bring practical and essential birthing “must knows” to you, all wrapped it all up in a fun and informative class. The class runs about 8 hours, and will either be a single day “weekend intensive” or two evening sessions. We welcome snacks and breaks for families to nourish, stretch and move around. We’ve created an accessible curriculum that is both interactive and intuitive. You’ll be left with a sense of understanding, calm and balance as you head into childbirth. Fee: $250 group ($350 private class in your home) ***

*** Prices may vary for classes held at certain facilities (Avalon Center for Women’s Health, Wholeness Center)

Class includes:
• Birth is a normal process, let’s start here
• Signs and stages of labor and delivery
• Positions & pain management technique
• Breathing, massage, pressure points, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, vocalization and much more
• Partner’s role in support, doula options
• Hospital interventions & understanding medical support
• Cesarean birth and prevention


Holistic Breastfeeding & Newborn Class

Whole baby, whole family, holistic! We highly recommend this prenatal 3 hour “basics” class to help you prepare for your first weeks home with baby. This class may be done locally in a group setting or privately in your own home.  We know you’re up ever night surfing the internet for good advice and wisdom on becoming a new parent. Don’t sweat the information overload. This class will help you find peace and confidence as you head into the “4th trimester”.  Fee: $75/couple group, $150/couple private in your home

• Getting breastfeeding off to a good start
• What to expect in the first days after your birth
• The emerging newborn, coming into being, skin to skin, bonding
• Normal newborn cues & behavior – feeding, spit up, baby acne, crying, gassy, fussy, ”colic” and all
• Sleep – what a baby needs versus what you may want
• Infant soothing strategies in the “Fourth Trimester”
• Basic diapering, bathing, baby care
• Self-care, new mom, post birth recovery
• Relationships (partner, family, friends) and managing your support team (doula care)
• List of resources provided

The Doula Way

This is an excellent comfort measures package especially if you are not going to hire a doula. We provide an initial one hour consult by phone to jump start “goal finding” and birth plan writing. Then we come to your home to teach you doula ‘tricks of the trade’ including nutritional needs, labor positions and comfort technique and key emotional sign posts. This may also be done completely remotely via phone & online guidance with carefully selected graphics, photos, book recommendations and an outline we’ve crafted and make downloadable to you. Fee: $350

Phone A Friend – Virtual Doula

Live remotely? MommaArts can still help! Call us when you think you have gone into labor and we will support you & your partner by phone/text/skype as needed, throughout your labor & birth. Great for repeat clients who may not want full doula assistance or clients who’ve moved away, but still love us! Great service to check in with a familiar and knowlegable voice as labor progresses. $350 Flat Fee

Lactation Clinic – Group IBCLC

Join us for our intimate, fun and informative group IBCLC session. Held once a month around the area – check calendar for place/time. This session is a great way for you to check in with a lactation consultant, get your questions answered, receive hands on support and help, all while in a small group setting and meeting other local like minded mommas. Scale available for before/after weigh ins. Fee: $35 Pre-registration required. 

Sleep Consulting & Strategies

Rhythm, relaxation and ritual. Finding sleep, and knowing how and when to grab a nap or rest, can make all the difference in getting through the day. We strongly believe there is no one technique that will work for all families. Each baby is so different, each parent so unique. But we assure you, there is a technique “just right” for you! We help you get there. Our methods are based upon a non-CIO model that supports breastfeeding families. We help you to create normal sleep associations, to recognize feeding and sleep cues, and to implement routines that support your individual needs and lifestyle. Consults may be done in person (locally) or via phone, skype, facetime. Fee $150

Pregnancy Circle & Sisterhood

Open to women in any stage of their pregnancy, this circle is a safe and trusted space to share your thoughts and questions related to pregnancy, birth and the transition motherhood. Happy, healthy pregnancies and birthing come by forming a tribe of women you can call on to share your journey with and turn to for support. It’s a great way to gather holistic tools and resources you need and to boost your confidence as you find your way into motherhood. Topics will include:
• Our growing bellies, maneuvering around our changing bodies
• Emotional response and support to big changes ahead
• Creative ways to channel negative and positive energy
• Birth plans and choices and local resource sharing
• Support measures and technique to bring to your birth and beyond

Our 4 week Pregnancy Circle followed by a 4 week New Momma Circle are in rotation around the calendar and through the seasons. Locations change, and will be posted to our Facebook page as dates and locations are listed.
Fee: $75 for 4 weeks. Registration in advance.

The Mother’s Circle

Open to women in the “4th trimester” postpartum. This group is for mommas looking looking to get their Momma Mojo on. Our topics will vary, and allow for growth and confidence building as you ease into this crazy new phase of your life called Motherhood. All motherhing choices and approaches welcomed and encouraged! Let’s wipe out “mommy wars” by creating safe space to share and be in sisterhood together. Topics will include:
• Trusting your momma instincts.
• Normal newborn cues and behaviors, mystery baby unraveled
• Fatigued & overwhelm. It ain’t always easy. Finding time for you.
• Bedtime, naps & stratagies. Find a rhythm that works.
• Bonding & growing & making room for it all.

Our 4 week Pregnancy Circle followed by a 4 week New Momma Circle are in rotation around the calendar and through the seasons. Locations change, and will be posted to our Facebook page as dates and locations are listed.
Fee: $75  for 4 weeks. Registration in advance.

If you’re not seeing a class you need – ask us! We have classes available both privately and those we can create as a group class on the following: VBAC, “Gentle Cesareans” & Repeat Cesarean, Sibling Classes, Nutrition, Pumping & Returning to Work, Baby Led Weaning & Solid Foods, and – facilitated by our LCSW in both NY and NJ, we are so pleased to make available Mother Support Circles.

Classes may be combined for a discount. For example – select both Childbirth Preparation and Holistic Newborn & Breastfeeding (group) and we are happy to offer them both at a combined fee of $350 ($50 savings). Talk to us about how to make our classes affordable and cost effective for you and your budget. 

Placenta Encapsulation

We believe strongly in supporting new mothers and families by providing them with the best area resources possible. We do not do placenta encapsulation ourselves, but being it is a popular inquiry among the families we work with – we would be happy to share with you the names of trusted and reputable encapsulators we know in the area.
Encapsulation is a personal choice. You can choose where you want to birth, you can choose your practitioner, and you can choose what to do with your placenta. From encapsulation for postpartum support to just planting a tree in your back yard as a symbolic gesture – this sacred organ is worth getting in touch with! 
Contact us and we’ll send you a resource list for practitioners in your area. Because of the nature of immediate postpartum placenta pick up – you may have to call a few places to see who is available to service your area.

Sleep Support

Sleep Education & Support

It eludes just about every new parent at some point or another. We sympathize. We’ve been there as parents ourselves. We see hundreds of clients a year – all of whom seem to want to spend time talking sleep with us. We’re happy to oblige. We know a lot about the normal sleep and developmental habits of human infants and little people. Their sleep patterns are different than adults. And as such they have different needs.

And those different needs shouldn’t make you want to pull your hair out!

Here’s what we can do to help

Start with a loving and nurturing approach for the whole family. You know your family best. What feels right to you about parenting is important to us. No one wants to be sleep deprived. So we start with a basic template of 24-48 hours of your life, a detailed intake form which, with our experience and careful listening, will provide us with a picture of who you are. With an initial consult, we go over your daily rhythm, and look to see where we can make and apply realistic changes and create manageable and practical goals.

It’s not easy, but it’s a start! Remember, you are the expert on your baby! You may not even realize that yet. We’re here to provide our expertise so that you can find the rest you need. Our discussions will include some or all of the following …

  • The 3 R’s of sleep: rhythm, relaxation and ritual
  • Normal sleep patterns for infancy through the first year
  • Normal length of naps and awake times per age
  • Creating ways for the most people to find the most sleep in the family
  • Using breastfeeding friendly, non-CIO methods
  • Create normal sleep associations
  • Recognize normal feeding and sleep cues
  • Implement routines that support your individual needs and lifestyle
  • Creating strategies and networks of support
  • Consult includes intake template, 1 hour phone consult to review, and detailed follow up email with goals and strategies clearly laid out.
sleeping baby-300

Fee $150 

Initial consult includes intake template (may be filled out in advance), 1 hour phone consult to review, detailed follow up email with goals and strategies clearly laid out, 1 half hour follow up call at any time over the course of your implementing changes.

SEND ME A TEMPLATE! We’d be happy to send you an email of the template to review before signing on for a consult. The fee for this is $25. The template alone may help you organize your thoughts and feelings about your baby(ies) sleep and night time parenting. If you choose to do a consult with us the $25 is folded into the cost of the consult.

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