Postpartum Soup for the Win!

Untitled design (3)We do a lot of postpartum nurturing. Directly as postpartum doulas, or as part of a postpartum check-in with our labor support clients, and of course, as lactation consultants visiting new moms in their homes. We see new mommas all the time. We see how they adjust in those first few weeks, what their rhythm is, when, how and if they “self care”. You know what one thing seems to be universally met with sheer joy, relief and absolute gratitude? SOUP!  It does a body good.

At MommaArts we’ve been exploring with making soups and smoothies for our postpartum clients for a while now. Smoothies in the warm months, soups in the cold ones. We even carry an immersion blender with us in our postpartm bag if we know the client doesn’t have a (good enough) blender. (DOULA NOTE: this is a great thing to add into your prenatal intake. Ask about soups, smoothies, food aversions, allergies and of course – scope out their blender situation!).

This recipe is a hit, and oooh so simple. Here are our rules of doula cooking … there are none! Be flexible and have fun. Remember, it’s all about nourishing a new momma, not the perfect recipe. So if you’re missing an ingredient, it’s all good. New Momma will still love a warm soup on a cold winter day, so don’t stress the details here.

Cauliflower Leek Soup

What you’ll need:

Cauliflower: 2 – 3 heads fresh (rough chopped, leaves/main stem removed) -or- 2-3 16oz bags frozen

Frozen Leeks (we’ve always found them available at Trader Joes). Leeks can be a pain in the ass to clean – so if you can’t find a frozen bag, and don’t feel like cleaning fresh – skip and use twice the onion, a clove or two of garlic, and maybe some scallion for garnish.

One white or yellow onion

butter or olive oil

broth (any kind) or simply water (remember, be flexible)

your clients preferred dairy (cow milk, almond, soy, coconut)

Salt & pepper, seasoning to taste

We made this soup for a momma who had elminated both dairy and gluten fromher diet. So we used soy and for snack we added her own rice cakes which she loved. <3
We made this soup for a momma who had elminated both dairy and gluten from her diet. So we used soy, and for snack we added her own rice cakes, which she loved.

To Make:

Slice onions, however you like, into smaller bits

Toss in soup pot with butter or olive oil

Saute ’til they “sweat” and the house starts to smell ah-maaaazing!

Add half a bag frozen TD leeks (save rest for next time)

Let ’em sweat together

When they’re really wilted, add a little broth or water to almost cover them

Add cauliflower and COVER the pot so it steams and softens cauliflower. (DOULA NOTE: while you wait for it to steam – it’s a perfect time to do the dishes, empty/change dishwasher, tidy where you can in the kitchen.)

Once the cauliflower is soft and mushy, transfer to good blender or use immersion blender. You’re making a milk shake now is the way we see it – so as you blend ADD dairy to help make it more creamy. ASK your client how they prefer it – thicker, creamier, etc. Continue to add milk until desired taste, texture.

Pour back into soup pot from blender and heat some more (since milk may have cooled it down).

Serve with cut veggies, grilled cheese, toast points, whatever you or your clients wants!

YUM and happy postpartum eating!

Deirdre & Kim