Lactation Cookies Mean Nothing If …

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Photo by Tamara Novak – who lovingly baked and brought Lactation Cookies to our LLL meetings on a few occasions and we *loved* them. Cookies are good. But a good latch is better!


You know what I’m talking about, we’ve all had them, and they’re mmmmm, mmmmm, good! How many wonderful cookie recipes are out there? Those mouth-watering images of ooozing, warm from the oven, melted chocolate, cookies. With crisp toasted coconut even! You can smell the nutty oats and cinnamon as your read, right? Sign me up! Pass the recipe! Where can I get a bunch!

We love a good cookie! Heck, we’re postpartum doulas *and* lactation consultants. So it’s in our maternal and professional instincts to nourish you and bring you wholesome food and cookies to fuel you up as a new mom. We even have our own recipe for them on our FB page!

But ladies, cut it out, will you? Can you promise us that before you buy any brewers yeast, chia or flax you’ll make sure that your latch is correct, and that baby’s oral anatomy is working? You could eat a thousand cookies a week, and you will see zero difference in your milk supply if you have a poor latch, and are not effectively emptying the breast.

The number one way to increase milk supply is to empty the breast … frequently, regularly, effectively. Either with baby or a good pump. If that’s not happening seek advice and wisdom to guide you toward fixing that problem. It’s so easy as a new mom to be seduced by marketing, especially if it’s yummy food …. with chocolate. But words of wisdom: as an IBCLC I don’t issue any recommendation for galactagogues until I’ve assessed and confirmed what the issue is that is preventing a good milk supply. Please take this advice with you as you travel your mommy groups and FB pages, where the minute a mom mentions low supply people start throwing oatmeal and blue Gatorade at her.

Low milk supply happens, but it doesn’t “just” happen. There’s a reason. And as much as we’d love for the answer to be a cookie, that’s usually not going to do the job. But if you want to make cookies, because cookies are awesome and they should be enjoyed, go for it! Just save us some.


Deirdre & Kim