Soothing Postpartum Pads

photo (36)We know how to take care of you postpartum, including perineums. We’ve been doing this for years now. If there’s something you need – we’re going to jump right on it and make it happen, even if you haven’t quite figured out what it is you need exactly.

One of those items we love, and make sure that you have, are postpartum pads, sometimes called “padcicles”. They bring comfort and soothing in those first days home with baby. We’ll either recommend making them prior to baby’s arrival, or we’ll bring the ingredients to you on our first visit and make them for you once we arrive.

Soothing Postpartum PadsBabies come out. But sometimes your perineum can take a bit of a beating, or you may be struggling with hemorrhoids. No one wants to have achy-ness and tenderness in those first days home with baby, but many of us do. Isn’t it nice to have some soothing relief when you need it? And we promise, with these, you’ll be smiling and saying “ahhhh” the minute you put them on.

For info on these, and more of our great postpartum offerings, connect with us! We’d love to chat and make sure you have what you and baby need to get off to a great start.

Deirdre & Kim